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Serving Langlade, Lincoln, Marathon, and Wood counties
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To ensure advocacy and community representation for older adults and adults living with disabilities, the ADRC-CW hosts an Advisory Committee. The Wisconsin Elders Act, State Statue 46.82, dictates its composition.

Committee Composition and Term Limits: The members will be those of recognized ability and demonstrate an interest in services for older individuals and adults with disabilities. Older individuals shall constitute at least 50% of the committee membership. Representatives from other populations served by the ADRC-CW, those with disabilities, shall constitute the remaining membership. The Wisconsin Elders Act places limits on the terms of representation by committee members. This ensures that the aging network continues to develop new leadership and benefits from new ideas. Members shall serve for terms of three years and no member may serve more than two consecutive three-year terms.

Advisory Committee Role: To advise the ADRC-CW staff and board on all matters related to developing the aging plan, administration of the plan, and ADRC-CW operations conducted under the plan. The ADRC-CW board of directors establishes policy, procedures and has ultimate decision-making authority. The individual advisory committee member brings unique information and perspective from his/her local communities to the committee.

Charge of the Advisory Committee includes:

  • Assist with identifying service needs in the community
  • Provide and solicit feedback regarding existing programs and services
  • Facilitate community partnerships
  • Provide the ADRC-CW board with recommendations in making policy decisions
  • Act as ambassadors for the ADRC-CW in the community
  • Act to advocate for older adults and adults with disabilities
  • Attend meetings regularly and participate in other events as availability allows
  • Assist in community outreach regarding ADRC-CW services

The ADRC-CW Advisory Committee meets on the fourth Wednesday of every other month at 10:00 am until noon. The meeting is held in the ADRC-CW Wausau office boardroom and is open to the public. We also offer a video conferencing option

The advisory committee is currently seeking members!

If you or someone you know is interested in aging or long-term support issues including legislation affecting adults who are aging and/or have disabilities, and the provision of services for residents and their families living in Langlade, Lincoln, Marathon, and Wood counties, please complete an application. Please share this information widely. Thank you!

Advisory Committee Application (online entry)

Advisory Committee Application (printable form)