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Serving Langlade, Lincoln, Marathon, and Wood counties
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Why do you want to volunteer?

There is no right or wrong answer here. You might be required to volunteer for school, community service or other reasons. You might be interested in helping others or are looking for new ways to connect with others. Perhaps you are looking to give your resume’ a boost. No matter what the answer is – you should be honest with yourself as to the reason so that it can help you find a good fit with a volunteer opportunity.

How much time are you interested in committing to a volunteer opportunity? Are you flexible in the time of day you can volunteer?  Some opportunities can only be available during certain times of the day and others are much more flexible.

What is my first step if I'm interested in volunteering with the ADRC-CW?

Do you have a passion for helping older adults or adults with disabilities in the community?

  1. It is time to start exploring your interests, skills and availability with our opportunities. Whether you have a good idea of what you are interested in or not, start by giving us a call or filling out the short interest form on our website.
  2.  Application: Once you have the information you need to make a decision, please obtain and submit an application.
  3. Training and orientation will be set up with you depending on your availability. Each volunteer opportunity has different training requirements.

Is training and orientation available for volunteers?


The Aging and Disability Resource Center of Central Wisconsin provides training and orientation for all the various volunteer opportunities. The training for each of the opportunities may look a little different.

Handbook and paperwork: Each volunteer will receive a Volunteer Handbook. This is an opportunity to review who the ADRC-CW is and what services we provide. We talk about the importance of confidentiality and other policies and procedures that apply to all volunteers.

Job shadow: A staff or seasoned volunteer will show the new volunteer “the ropes” prior to the new volunteer being on their own.

Additional Training: Our evidence based educational classes require additional training that are offered varies times throughout the year.

I am looking for an opportunity to volunteer with a group of friends/co-workers/church members? Can we "Adopt-A-Route?"


We have a variety of groups that “Adopt-A-Route” with our Meals on Wheels program. We have worked with groups of employees, friends, families, church groups, medical providers and others.

The group will contact us with their interest. Typically they pick one day a week (or even month) that they are interested in delivering on. The group can be trained together. They can come up with a schedule and rotate the route amongst themselves. For example: a church group with 6 interested members can choose to deliver every Friday on Route #3. They rotate amongst themselves so one church member ends up taking the route every 6th week. This is a great opportunity to have a significant impact on the community without a huge time commitment by any one person. The group figures out their rotation schedule and if something changes they can connect with another member of their group to find a replacement (or call and we can talk with our other volunteers to fill in).

Where are Aging and Disability Resource Center of Central Wisconsin volunteer opportunities located?

The Aging and Disability Resource Center of Central Wisconsin covers Langlade, Lincoln, Marathon and Wood Counties.

Our offices are located in Antigo, Marshfield, Merrill, Wausau and Wisconsin Rapids. Some opportunities need to take place within our offices and others are spread throughout the counties

Here is are a few examples:

Healthy Living Classes: Classes are offered in a variety of communities. Whether you are interested in providing classes in Antigo or Wisconsin Rapids, we would love to hear about your interest. A one time training may require some travel depending on the class you are interested in facilitating.

Meals on Wheels: Meals on Wheels are provided throughout our communities but meals are picked up in key locations in the county and delivered on routes. Routes take about an hour total to deliver. Meal pick up locations include: Tomahawk, Wausau, Merrill, Elcho, White Lake, Pickerel, Wisconsin Rapids. Call if you are interested in MOW and uncertain what it means in your community.

There are a lot more examples but regardless of where you live in the community, we would enjoy an opportunity to talk with you about volunteering and explore if the ADRC-CW opportunities would be a good fit in your life.