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If you assist someone with their daily needs, such as medications, bathing, meal preparation, etc. you are a caregiver. Whether you’re caring for a friend, family member, or neighbor, we can connect you with information, resources, and support to make your role as a caregiver a little easier.

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Caregiver Support Coordinators

We have staff members available to meet with you and review the different options for your unique situation.  Whether you’re looking for information on support groups, respite care options, helping someone with personal care, or if you’re simply looking for ways to take better care of yourself, our Caregiver Support Coordinators can help.  They can provide information, support and resources to you over time, as your role as a caregiver changes and evolves.  Caregiver Support Coordinators can meet with you in your home or our office to discuss challenges you’re experiencing and help identify workable solutions, share information on resources that can provide support, and help you connect with respite care and other in-home care options.

Powerful Tools for Caregivers

Powerful Tools for Caregivers teaches caregivers how to take care of themselves while caring for another person.   Participants learn about “tools” to become a better caregiver, including strategies to:

  • Reduce feelings of stress, guilt, anger and depression
  • Manage time, set goals, and solve problems
  • Master caregiving transitions
  • Make difficult decisions, and
  • Communicate effectively with the person needing care, family members, doctors and paid helpers

Whether you’re caring for a spouse, partner, parent or friend who lives at home or in a skilled care facility, this class will help you cope with the challenges that come with your role as a caregiver.

Alzheimer’s Family Caregiver Support Program

This program was developed by the Wisconsin state legislature in 1985 in response to the needs of families caring for someone with an irreversible dementia.  Grant funding is available to eligible families to help with the cost of services and supplies needed to keep someone with dementia at home.  Examples include respite care, home care services, home safety modifications, incontinence supplies, wandering programs, certain prescription medications, and more.  To be eligible to enroll, a household must have an annual income of $48,000 or less (if over, certain expenses can be deducted to adjust income), and the person must have a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease or a related irreversible dementia.  If you’re interested in this opportunity, contact our office to learn more or schedule an appointment to complete the enrollment paperwork.

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