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Serving Langlade, Lincoln, Marathon, and Wood counties
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Adult Day Care:

Adult Day Care centers provide companionship and care for adults. Adults may only need supervision or their care needs may be more involved. Adult Day programs offer a variety of activities that are designed to stimulate the person’s interests, as well as providing support to family and care providers so they can run errands, manage other household responsibilities, go to work, or simply relax. To find a list of adult day care centers in Central Wisconsin call the ADRC-CW or visit our website.

Memory Café:

Special places for people living with dementia and their care providers to attend activities with the confidence that they are indeed welcome to participate and socialize with other people who have similar interests. This is an opportunity for the person living with dementia and their care provider to have a shared experience that fits their abilities without feeling out of place during a traditional community event. To find a list of memory cafes in Central Wisconsin please call the ADRC-CW, visit the resources on our website or visit the Memory Café Directory website.

Support Groups:

Support Groups bring people together who are experiencing similar situations. People are able to share their experiences and feelings while also learning new strategies and techniques or they can share their own strategies and techniques for others to learn. The emotional support received through support group participation is often unavailable in other areas of our lives. Visit our website to learn more about support group options in Central Wisconsin or call the ADRC-CW.