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Whether you are an individual, a concerned family or friend, or a professional working with issues related to aging or disabilities, we can connect you to the support you need. We have information regarding options for the elderly, transition services for youth with disabilities, and long-term care programs.

Do you find yourself asking the following questions?
  • What is out there to help my elderly parents to stay in their home?
  • My mother is not taking her pills like the doctor has ordered. What can I do?
  • Grandpa is falling a lot in his home. What help is out there?
  • What resources are available to help me with cleaning my house?
  • I have funds to privately pay for service now. But what can I do later when I run out of funds?
  • My son is in Special Education and will be graduating from High School soon. What programs and services are available to him as he transitions into adulthood?
  • What is the Family Care program that I have been hearing about? “Tell Me More About Family Care
  • How do I get into IRIS? “Tell Me More About IRIS

Come talk to a Resource Specialist!

OPTIONS – Your Individualized Discussion

A Resource Specialist will help you identify local services and resources to match your needs, values, and preferences. Resource Specialists provide information about the choices you have when making decisions about where to live, what kind of help you need, where to receive that care and help, and how to pay for it. Things discussed might include but are not limited to housing, home care, home-delivered meals, and personal response systems.

A Resource Specialist can also help you with:

  • Providing information on options on how to apply for Medicaid
  • Eligibility for long-term care programs such as Family Care and IRIS
  • Enrollment into long-term care programs for eligible persons
  • Meet with individuals and/or families to discuss options for people in nursing homes who are wanting to return to their home or alternative residential homes.

Families with children with disabilities nearing adulthood could get assistance from a Resource Specialist with determining what services they may be eligible for as an adult. A Resource Specialist can also assist them with accessing services.  A Resource Specialist can help provide information on:

  • Housing options
  • Vocational options after high school
  • Determining financial and functional eligibility for Long term care services and programs for adults
  • Guardianship and power of attorney documents
  • Mental health services
  • Benefits (adult Social Security benefits, Medicaid, etc..)