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Patients may donate unused or discontinued medications and supplies to a participating pharmacy or medical facility. Those items will be given to individuals that do not have insurance or are under-insured. Donations must:*Be accompanied by a completed drug repository donor form that is signed by the donor or that person’s authorized representative.*The drug is not adulterated or misbranded.*The drug will not expire until at least 90 days after the donation is made.*The drug is in its original, unopened tamper-evident unit packaging. Local participating pharmacies are:*Marshfield, 1000 N. Oak Ave., Marshfield (715) 387-9100 or (715) 389-3891*Marshfield, 630 S. Central Ave., Ste 106, Marshfield (715) 389-5900*Family Health Center Pharmacy, 200 E. Upham St., Marshfield (715) 389-7474 Further information is available via e-mail or on the website.


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